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How do we work?

You Tell Us About Your Project
You Confirm Our Cost and Process
You Arrange a Deposit to Us
You Arrange Remnant Balance with Our Service Charge to Us
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You tell us about your project

  • Project description 

  • Estimated order quantity 

  • Certificating and specification requirement is there is any

  • Packaging requirements 

  • Do you have plan to visit China? 

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We Send You Introduction Email

When you receive our introduction email:

  • Oriental Nordic team had received your inquiry

  • You might need to answer some more questions about the project

  • You will know how much is the our service charge

Project will start officially after you confirm our cost and necessary information provided.

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We Plan for Your China Business Trip Itinerary

  • We plan everything before you come to China and make sure you don’t waste any time.

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We Visit Suppliers with You as Your Interpreter

  • You don’t have to worry about the language barrier and culture difference.

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We Review Supplier Contracts

  • We review the terms and conditions before signing any contract.

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We follow-up production orders

  • We follow up the whole production process of different suppliers and make sure you receive what you’ve ordered.

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We do quality control

  • When the production is finished, we will inspect the products, make sure it’s specification, quality and quantity are as confirmed.

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We pay the balance to suppliers

  • If the supplier passes the quality check, we will arrange balance payment to them in RMB.

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We arrange shipment from China to your country

  • We will provide the best shipping solution for you regardless order quantities.

  • And also deal with customs in China.

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We deliver with quality

  • We deal with Finnish customs and take care of the paperwork for you.

  • Your order will be delivered to the assigned destination. 

Thank you for your cooperation!
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