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Why Choose Oriental Nordic?

We are your reliable Finnish import partner who keeps an eye on the quality and price of your purchase for you - Easy & Fair.

Are you concern about the following issues when making purchase decisions to import goods from China? 

Quality Issues

Imagine when you open the container after the shipment arrived and found out all the products are defective, or in wrong colour, or maybe just simply with wrong label. What can you do? We only cooperate with suppliers who meet all EU and Finnish quality criteria. To ensure quality, we have set up offices in China responsible for quality control. 

High Price & Cost

It’s easy to find a supplier, but not all of them are reliable and offering a good price. Remember, there are more trading companies than real manufactures. On top of quality, we offer a competitive price and make sure you get the best deal. 

Time Consuming

You and your Chinese suppliers are in different time zone, your day is their night. You don’t have time to stay in China for 2 months during order production and have no idea what’s really happening over there in China. We help you safe time and money.


Payment Issue

Most of suppliers in China only accept payment in RMB instead of Euro. And offshore RMB payment transfer from other countries is not allowed in China. With our help, you do not have to worry about currency transfer, because you work with us in euros.


Language Barrier 

​Most of the Chinese suppliers don’t speak English. If you are buying for your own personal use, it’s fine if you don’t speak any Chinese. However, if you’re buying for your business, a communication misunderstanding can do a huge damage. We act as your interpreter so you don't need to worry about any misinterpretation.

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Shipping & Customs

Most of Chinese suppliers can just ship to domestic cities in China but not overseas, and they have no idea how to deal with customs. What certificates or documents are needed to ship out your products. We take care of the paperwork and ensure a smooth delivery.

Product Standard and Certificate Issue

Chinese suppliers don’t know what standard or certificates are needed in your country. You might invest a fortune but the products turn out to be produced in a wrong standard. We make sure that the products you receive meet the required standards.


Your Products Being Copied

You worry about situations where a supplier steals your idea and sells it to others. Through us, you trade with reliable partners. 

We take care of all the issues and concerns of yours and make sure you get exactly what you expected. 

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